MicroArduino Controlling EL Wire with Transistor?


So I'm looking to use a micro arduino to power individual battery packs for turning on and off. So I was thinking I could go about this by having a transistor go right in between the battery and the inverter, that way I can control the power from the batteries into the inverter and then that turns on the one strand of wire. I think this would work because I'm looking to essentially create a switch from the DC portion, as opposed to having the AC being powered by the Arduino.

Thanks in advance. Teddy

Did you have any luck figuring this out? I am interested in this too.

See how Sparkfun does it: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11323

// Per.

It’s pretty much bound to work IMO (you cut the power, how could it keep going? x) - but then again I’m frying MOSFETS like there’s no tomorrow so my advices aren’t worth much =p ) but what I really wonder is: Can it dim? :3 - flashing it on and off through PWM (I need my EL panel to “heartbeat” in style for a project =) - but i’m too afraid to fry my one and only inverter :<, ebay shipping times are scary…) … That’d be so badass o_o …