Microchip MCP3424EV evaluation board

HI has any one had experience with the microchip MCP3424EV evaluation board . I wan't to know how to interface it to UNO rather that use usb interface to Microchip demo software.

Doesn't that have an I2C interface?

See this reference for an Arduino driver for the MCP3424. Driver

You will have to figure out how to connect the I2C from the Arduino to your EV board. There is usually a manual with the PIC ev boards, you should probably start there.

yes the board has a usb interface and yes the mcp3424 chip has a i2c interface that leads to a cpu. So i'm thinking do i have to cut the i2c lines form the adc chip to the cpu on the eval board and bring out the lines off the eval board and connect to say a uno i2c interface.
Or coul I just tap into the i2c lines and connect to a uno.