Microchip PICKit4 on sale...

There's a 30% off Coupon active for Microchip's PICKit4 programmer. (~$50, before coupon.) This looks to be Microchips "low cost, do everything" programmer, probably slated to replace the Atmel-ICE. Programs and debugs PIC8, PIC24, PIC32, AVR using all the possible AVR programming protocols include UPDI (for ATmega4809 and new Tiny's) and TPI (for 6-pin AVRs.) It's even supposed to have the high-voltage feature needed for UPDI pin repurposing on the new tinys. (but it doesn't work yet. Sigh. AVR support is a bit "young", in general.)

It doesn't come with any device cables, but it has a single-row 0.1inch connector so it is pretty easy to build your own (or use jumpers.) The cable/adpator kit from Microchip is ridiculously expensive, but the PICKit4 is a pretty good deal, especially at 30% off.