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Hi, I'm Edward and I am in the middle of my thesis. can some here please help me to program my Arduino 2560? Is it possible to control 6 relays at different instances? I mean can arduino do multitasking without interrupting the first process? Please Help.

You can sequentially operate multiple o/ps (relays) using the Arduino.

You would connect 6 of the following to Arduino and energize them as needed. http://playground.arduino.cc/uploads/Learning/relays.pdf

Or you could look at the blink without delay example for clues of how to do this.

so it means i cannot have two processes at the same time? it is sequentially possible but it comes in sequence right?

No two things can operate exactly the same time, but compared to a microcontroller, a relay is extremely slow. You can only do two things to a relay - turn it on or turn it off. Neither operation takes more than a few hundred nanoseconds. So, with all the spare time you have, you can look at controlling other relays.

Edward_James: at the same time?

Yes, you can do them 'at the same time'.

Hi tried to do multitasking, but its extremely very slow.

Hi tried to do multitasking, but its extremely very slow.

Apart from demonstrating an example of a tautology, was there a point to your post?