Microcontroller is overheating (Arduino Nano Every)

Hi everyone,

So i bought an Arduino Nano Every a few days ago and have been testing a few things with it.
This included controling a stepper motor. And after a few problems at first everything started to work. But then suddenly the Nano Every wasn't connecting with the Computer anymore. And when conected to any kind of power supply the microcontroller (mega4809) started to get to hot to touch in a matter of seconds.

And now to the part which confuses me the most. Because when i noticed that the arduino is not connecting to my PC anymore and is getting hot i thought i might have shortcircuted and therefore fryed it, but when connected to a 9V power supply it executed the code which still was on the arduino.


Arduino Nano Every does NOT connect to PC.

Microcontroller (mega4809) gets hot when connected to powersupply.

The Arduino is still CAPABLE of running the last version of uploaded code.

Where are you connecting the 12V and 9V power? Please state where both the positive and negative power supply wires are connected to the Nano Every.

A schematic not a frizzy picture would help us help you. Show all power and ground connections.

Even when it gets hot?

Here is a schematic of the wiring.

@sterretje Yes but, i forgot to mention something! The Arduino is capable of running the Code while getting hot but after i would say 15-20 seconds it starts to have problems. I guess it then gets to hot and has problems executing the code and i always stopped at this moment because i didn't want to make it worse.

The bad news is that your Nano Every is toast. The even worse news is that I can't tell you why.

Hi again, i think i now know what it was. Because i connected the powersupply myself everytime i wanted to run the motor i might have connected the cables the wrong way at some point and damaged the arduino enough to not work properly but still being able to execute the last code.

But mistakes happen and i learned from it so it does not really bother me that much besides i still have two other Nano Everys.

And just as a friendly reminder DO NOT connect the cables the WRONG way so don't be as stupid as me and be carefull :laughing: :wink:


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