microcontroller replace in uno

I have arduino uno board. Due to some reason I want to change its and replace with a new microcontroller. If I just installed a new microcontroller available in market will the board work or is there any other process that i need to follow?

Also if I programmed a microcontroller using arduino and can i use that microcontroller with my own board? Means can i use microcontroller without arduino board?

You can remove the Atmega328 from the Arduino Uno and use it elsewhere as long as you have a 16MHz crystal to make it run at the right speed.

If you want to put a different Atmega328 into the Uno it must have the bootloader installed. You can buy 328s with the bootloader installed or you can use an existing working Uno to install the bootloader.

This page may be interest.


Thank you Robin. :wink:

This page may be interest.

Or in somewhat more detail, Nick's page.