Microcontroller Without reference

I have bought an ESC, and I can't program so I would like Flash but no ref on microcontroller like you can see on this picture.
Could you help me to find the reference ?
Thank you

If you cannot program and you dont know what microcontroller it is, what do you intend to do even if the microcontroller could be identifed ?

You might want to ask in the RCGROUPS forum, someone there may have attempted to program that particular speed controller.

I can't program with RC Transmitter. I would like flash with my arduino

It could be any number of things, but the STM8F003F3 or STM8S103F3 is available and common in that sort of SO20 package. It is widely used in low cost applications, and it has a pin out consistent with your markings as far as they go.

The typical test points for in-circuit programming an STM8 are on your board, namely, reset on pin 4, Vss (GND) on pin 7, Vdd (+5V) on pin 9, and SWIM on pin 18. The test point on pin 8 is unusual as that pin (Vcap) is not involved in programming; it's an internally regulated 1.8V used for the core processor and would be connected to a ~1 uF capacitor.

There's a lot of good information with regard to hacking STM8-based boards, if that's what it is, at this site: Breakout Boards · TG9541/stm8ef Wiki · GitHub

Presuming the device is programmable, what is it you want to do with it?

it's an ESC for RC airplane, some options are not available by default.
I would like enable this with BLHeli software

I would like enable this with BLHeli software

Then presumably the 'BLHeli software' gives an indication of the microcontrollers it supports ?

Yes but I haven't the reference of microcontroller.
The ref is erased on the microcontroller

The BLHeli github repository has PDF documents with photos of the supported boards under the "Atmel" and "SiLabs" folders. In a quick look I don't see anything like your photo nor any board with an SO20 package for the microcontroller. GitHub - bitdump/BLHeli: BLHeli for brushless ESC firmware

What components are on the other side of the ESC board?


We don't know. It will be up to you to figure it out. When you do know get back to us and let us know.

Of course, you can have your thread moved to gigs and collaborations where someone can do research for you, for a fee.

The obvious place to research this would have been RCGROUPS forum of course, which I presume @az1234 has already tried.

If they could not identify the particular brand\model of speed controller, then I dont see how it would help knowing which microcontroller has been used.

It does not appear to be an Arduino .........................

I suspect it is a Nuvoton N76E003AT20

4 programmer connectors and one on the other side on the 8th pin. You would have to take a better picture to trace the programmer pads to the MCU pins. For the N76E003AT20 that should be pins:

4 = RST
7 = GND
8 = DAT
9 = VDD
18 = CLK

that would connect to a Nulink programmer

more info

Merci à tous pour votre aide.
@hmeijdam, yes it can be that.
But I don't known if I can flash it with BLheli or Simon K with an arduino