i have a simple task but just wanna make sure i get it right so im asking here before starting to work on my project.
74hc595 microcontroller and want to connect it to my arduino as an input to controll 2 leds. i have a diagram for it and kind of know how to wire it but need to know two things.

Would it go on a digital pin or and analog pin (the microcontroller input)?
and what would the code be? the same as a button or something else?
as an example ( pinMode(2, INPUT); )

im connecting my audio interface(focusrite scarlett 4i4) led controller to the arduino so the the input needs to be as fast as possible

This link seems to have all the information you may need.

You're gonna get in trouble double posting.

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74HC595 is NOT a microcontroller. If you had read the link provided by Paul_KD7HB in your other post, you would know that.

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This link seems to have all the information you may need.

For other posters reading this...

The Fritzing pictures on that page are WRONG (already for more than a decade).
We (forum members) don't seem to be able to correct them, or report errors anymore.

The capacitor is wrongly drawn on pin12 of the chip, while it has to be on pin16 (supply).
The schematic diagrams are correct.

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