Microduino -- Arduino in pocket -- small and stackable

Hi All,

I’d like to introduce a new Arduino compatible board, Microduino – a smaller Arduino, only 1.0 inch x 1.1inch. And it’s stackable, every Microduino board can be stacked together through Microduino defined 27 pinout.

I designed the first version of Microduino In November 2012, . The purpose was to build a small device to monitor server room temperature remotely. I split the Arduino-Uno circuit into two parts: the -Core circuit, functioning as MCU core, and the -FT232R circuit, communicating between PC and -Core. I stacked the boards together and connected temperature sensor in a standard hole board – BTW, Microduino is compatible with a standard hole board.

That was the very first prototype of Microduino, a very interesting experience. sorry, my soldering skill was not that good… share my interesting expeirence with you.

you can find more informatin in my facebook: Microduino - Home | Facebook


I’ve done similar, for standalone '328s and '1284s, with more ground pins provided if one wanted to populate them:
Parts on both sides of '328, all on one side for '1284. Off board FTDI interface added if needed

Wow, it’s very cool! I also designed a 1284 boards, check it here and more in attachment.
it’s open source design, you can found my Microduino-Core+ source code here:

hope you like it.