Microduino/mCookie Music Box

Any other Microduino or mCookie users in here?

Trying to get the basic Music Box X02 project working and keep getting a SD Card Module error:

Serial Debug Output:
Adafruit VS1053 Simple Test
Couldn’t find VS1053, do you have the right pins defined?

Looks like they are basing the example code off of the adafruit code, or maybe the 2 companies are linked somehow. Either way, It looks like the build isn’t detecting the SD card cookie module.

Anyone else played with this project, or willing to help me troubleshoot?

Project page:

I had hoped to get a full Bluetooth speaker working, but the guys over at Microduino said the BT chipset is not capable of decoding and sending all of the BT data. They are working on a new BT module that is capable. I’m pretty frustrated not even being able to get basic SD card audio playback though.

Yes I have tried, re-stacking, rebooting, re-uploading, re-formatting the SD card, checking all standard variables and looking for obvious errors in the code, but no dice… Even tried the “Music Box Remote” in the preloaded IDE example files without any success, but I think it was designed for the older mCookie modules with the plug-in batteries.

Any help would be appreciated.

Music Box X02.zip (8.54 KB)

I do not know if it is too late for answer but after try/error and frustrating email exchange with microduino support I found out the wiki site is wrong.
They describe the stack (for example for music box):
(Bottom of Stack) MicroSD Module | Audio Pro Module | Sensor Hub (Top of Stack)
What worked for my project was swaping the MicroSD and Audio Pro Modules.
So it looks like that:
(Bottom of Stack) Audio Pro Module | MicroSD Module| Sensor Hub (Top of Stack)

It seems to work for both microduino kits that I posses. Microduino Support does not seem to notice the problem.

Best regards,