Microduino - SD, 10DOF & RTC shields

Hi there,

I'm trying to use a Microduino Core with some shields. I've tried to use the RTC, the 10DOF and the RTC.

The strange thing is that I can use my ethernet shield (of my Arduino Uno) with the Microduino Core and access the SD card (I just connected the shield to the SPI bus with some wires), and I already managed to use some I2C devices (again, with the Microduino Core) like a BMP sensor. So it is clear that the I2C and SPI interfaces works on the Core.

But when I try to communicate with the shields, the program blocks. It looks like the peripherics don't respond like expected, but I have no idea why. And if I unplug a wire, the program will continue (and obviously it fails, but it unblocks the program). I also tried to use the Microduino's shields with an Arduino Uno, but it didn't work neither.

I'm using these libraries with the examples sketches. I'm running on Debian, and use arduino 1.0.6 because it didn't work with a too recent verison (1.6.1).

Did someone used succesfully a shield with a Microduino ? Or do you have any idea of what could be wrong ?

Thanks, Antoine.

Hola por favor me puedes ayudar con mi proyecto nos han pedido un proyecto con Arduino_10dof_rtc_rs