Microphone amplifier circuit

I would like to measure the sound levels in our office, I have purchased a couple of the arduino microphone boards but looking at the signal level I am getting the results I am looking for i.e. amplified signal is too small and you have to shout at the microphone to get any type of reading. I intent to log the data using an arduino yun, so the amplified signal will feed into one of the ADC inputs,

I have been looking at audio amplifiers such as LM358, LM368 etc so I get a nice 0v to 5v range providing a good response to general office noise & sound levels.

Before I go and build & test a circuit I was wondering if any one could recommend a circuit to which would be suitable for this application?

Calibrating and weighting is hard. (If you don’t know what I mean by weighting, it is even harder.)

Thanks for that but I am using other sensors and want to log all the sensor data together, so really need an audio amplifier to support the project.

We have had several such projects here over the years. One was in a school canteen that had to light up a sign when it got too noisy. However, after several months it was abandoned because they could not find any correlation between the perceived loudness of the sound and anything they could measure.
So it is not as easy as you might think.

There are a number of cheap $30 sound pressure level meters that will have already done the (rough) calibration and weighting. I'd suggest interfacing to one of them.

It would be simpler to interface to an analog SPL meter, I think. Like this one:

Simple to find the signal: just look at the meter terminals and see what is there in terms of voltage. There may be a scaling resistor on the PCB with a higher voltage signal present on it.

You get all the benefit of it being properly weighted, calibrated, changed to DC, and a selectable response time put on it.

Yeah, I was hoping RS had their older analog meter, then you just need to hack it and sense the meter current.