Microphone Sensor as a Baby Monitor

Hey everyone! I have a project I am trying to do for my wife, who is pregnant. Essentially, it’s a baby monitor. The goal is to have a microphone sensor pick up sounds from the baby. Based upon the quantity of sound heard, a text message will be sent to her phone informing her that the baby is awake. I’ve actually more or less finished all aspects of this project with the exception of the microphone.

In particular, the microphone can pick up sounds that are very close to it and/or very loud. For example, it will hear a loud clap, or if the sensor moves even a little (from closing a door downstairs as an example), it will successfully pick up the sound. However, for things like holding a normal conversation in the room, or even yelling, it won’t pick up the sound!

I am using this module: https://www.velleman.eu/products/view/?id=435532. I am currently using the digital out function on it. I have adjusted the potentiometer on this module to get to a level of sensitivity I feel should work, yet unfortunately even with it being extremely sensitive it will not pick up on sounds like I wish it to. I did to some google searching to see if there is a better module out there, but I didn’t see anything better; just more of the same. I did see something mentioned about an amplifier near the microphone when I tried searching through this forum, though I’m not exactly sure what that entails or if it’s even what I need!

I would really appreciate any advice that could be given to me on this! Is there a better module out there for me that I could use? Is there a better way I need to program the arduino? Or do I need to do something with an amplifier? Once again, thank you for your time and any help that you guys can give!

(By the way, I’m not going to just buy a baby monitor - that would take out all the fun and all the learning I can get from this project!)

I would use the analog output of the module instead of the digital one. You could then feed the analog signal to an audio amplifier that has a large voltage gain with a maximum output of 5V. The amplifier will make it easier to detect small noises. Then, you would feed the output of the amplifier to a comparator to see if the amplified analog signal is above a set threshold. The output of the comparator would then be fed to an Arduino pin that can be polled.