microSD card toughness

Does anyone have any experience with using microSD card in really harsh environments and if so what was the outcome in your particular harsh environment?

I am looking at conditions that would be probably similar to a basement or cellar. A lot of indirect temperature changes and moisture, well protected free from direct physical damage.


That is just inviting green stuff to grow on all the exposed copper. That applies to ALL the project, not just the SD card. The first to go will be any connectors, including the exposed connectors on the SD card.

use a Waterproof plastic Electronic Project Box Enclosure. Don't put any vent / holes if you can so that you don't get moisture in. (And try not to get moisture in when you seal the box. Dry air is your friend as temperature variations can lead to condensation)

And don't use a 3D printed box. Because those leak everywhere.

-jim lee

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