microSD card with Arduino UNO

I am trying to use a micro SD card in order to store data sent from an arduino UNO.
My setup consists of:

The above components are connected as mentioned below:
Pins 1 to 4 of the Digilent SD module are driven to the 3.3Voltage side of the logic level converter. Also the SD module is powered with 3.3Volts. The 4 signals (SS, MOSI, MISO, SCK) are then taken from the 5Volt side of the logic level converter and are driven to the arduino UNO pins 10, 11, 12 and 13 respectively. Also, all the components have a common ground. The card is formatted to FAT32 using the SD card Formatter from sdcard.org.

In the arduino, I upload the SdInfo sketch of the Sdfat library. The result I get is the following:

Let me know if I can provide any more info.

I think it's likely to be an SS problem. Try running the CardInfo example in the SD library, changing the chipSelect definition to pin 10. If that works, then you probably have something set wrong in SdFat. But if that doesn't work either, then there's a wiring problem (although your description sounds right).

I'm going to change my response. I think the problem is going to be the level shifter. The datasheet says it automatically detects which side of the connection is driving the line. But there's this:

"8.3.5 Pullup or Pulldown Resistors on I/O Lines

The device is designed to drive capacitive loads of up to 70 pF. The output drivers of the TXB0104 device have low dc drive strength. If pullup or pulldown resistors are connected externally to the data I/Os, their values must be kept higher than 50 kΩ to ensure that they do not contend with the output drivers of the TXB0104 device.

For the same reason, the TXB0104 device must not be used in applications such as I2C or 1-Wire where an open-drain driver is connected on the bidirectional data I/O. For these applications, use a device from the TI TXS01xx series of level translators."

The problem is that your SD card module has 10K pullup resistors on all four lines. And I think that may prevent the level shifter from working properly.

If the CardInfo example in the SD library doesn't work either, the level shifter is likely to be the problem. I've never seen anyone use it with an SD card. If that is the problem, the solution is to just get a standard microSD module. It will have a level shifter and 3.3V regulator built in.