Microstepping with r2 shield


How many steps per rev i can get from 1.8deg stepper using arduino motorshield v2? I made it down to 96 with halfsteps but i would like to incrase it even further for higher resolution

I'm not sure what you mean by 96 because a 1.8deg stepper does 200 full steps per revolution and 400 half steps.

In any case why not save yourself a lot of trouble and use a proper stepper motor driver board such as the Pololu A4988. I have no idea if it is suitable as you did not say what motor you have but if you look at the Pololu website the information should be useful.

This document may also be useful http://www.st.com/st-web-ui/static/active/en/resource/technical/document/application_note/CD00003774.pdf


Oh ofc stupid typo. I have a 7.5 deg steppers insted of oryginal 1.8 (building egg-bot) What means i can make 48 steps / revolution normally or 96 halfstepping

I am not using proper stepper motor driver because I already have motor shield v2 and I do not want to pay any more money for toys now .

I found that multiplier is between 16 and 17 (marked full revolution spot and sent 700 - 800 microsteps commands), dunno if I am miscalculating something or its just not "full' number (its around 16.5 - 16.6(6)) - 16 is not enough like 1 tooth away and 17 is half tooth too far.

And i have 2 steppers one is 12-24V 7.5deg 77 ohm, 42SIM-24DGYF second one is a bit more ohm but other parameters (and size) same.

Can you provide a link to the specifications of your motor. I can't find one.



This is in polish and i believe its only existing info about that engine (after wasting 5 mins for googling), i paid 3.99 PLN (less than 1 euro ? ) for it so i think "if it spins its worth it"

Second engine is mitsumi m42sp-5p

That seems to be a unipolar motor so I will leave it to someone else to advise you.

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