MicroView servo control stops when serial port used

Can someone enlighten me please.
I have a MicroView OLED

When i try to use the serial port, the servo control stops?

ie When i remove the comment marks “//” from in front of “// Serial.begin(9600);” in the setup, the servo unit stops working

any hints as to why?

code used

#include <MicroView.h>
#include <Servo.h>
Servo myservo;

int ServoPos = 0;
int inPin = A0;

float maxValue = 0;
float minValue = 1000;
float degreesA = 0;
int scale = 23;
int SensorRead = 0;

int tail[360];
int CentreX = 31;
int CentreY = 23;
int DotX = 0;
int DotY = 0;

void setup() {
// Serial.begin(9600);
pinMode(inPin, INPUT);

void loop() {

for (int x = 360 ; x > 0; x=x-1){ // shuffel values down the line and draw tail
degreesA = (x) * (PI / 180);
DotX = cos(degreesA) * tail;
DotY = sin(degreesA) * tail;
uView.pixel(CentreX+DotX, CentreY+DotY);
tail= tail[x-1];

SensorRead = analogRead(inPin); // get current value
tail[0] = getXPosition(SensorRead); // scale current value

ServoPos = map(SensorRead, minValue, maxValue, 0, 180); // set servo

uView.rect(CentreX - scale, CentreY - scale, (scale * 2)+1, (scale *2)+1);

int getXPosition( int x) { // Scale display reading
float temp;
if (x < minValue) minValue = x; // set min-max scale
if (x > maxValue) maxValue = x;
temp = ((x-minValue)/(maxValue-minValue))*(scale-1);
return int(temp);

ie When i remove the comment marks "//" from in front of "// Serial.begin(9600);" in the setup, the servo unit stops working

and you dont use Serial.println() or Serial.print() somewhere??

Does your code REALLY look like that? Read the stickies at the top of the forum - the ones you were supposed to read BEFORE you blundered in here.

Do you have a MicroView OLED or a MicroView servo? Your post says one thing. Your title says another.

A schematic would be essential, by the way.

You are attaching​ the servo to pin zero

No wonder that you are having problems

yes - i see the problem now
shift the servo to pin 6
and don't touch 0 and 1 cause the USB programming board is using it...

it strangely all works now, thanks