Microwave display

I have taken apart an old microwave that i was throwing away, and wanted to see if i could find a use for the display. it has 12 pins and I'm not sure how to connect it to make it work. any suggestions would be helpful. i plan on using it as a countdown in an alarm I'm making.
If you cant help me now, should i upload some pics of it?

Is it LED or VFD?

im not really sure. it looks kinda like the one here:

Yes thats a LED display
well good luck, thats what hackings all about, have a poke around and see what happens

but can you help me i have no idea how to make it light up... just a little help?

Is there any information on the thing at all? Any numbers or names?

there are no numbers or names on it. it has 4 numbers on it and a : and 4 things that look like this(^) but they are more rounded on the top.

little help?

there is no real easy way unless you have a data sheet, run a couple wires from the arduino's 5v power and ground

on the 5v wire add a 220-470 ohm resistor, connect the ground wire to a pin on the display, poke the other pins to see if something lights up

if not, well its kind of a process of elimination, if its attached to a pcb you may get lucky and notice that a pin or pins are connected to the ground plane

A real image of the device you have might make it easier for us to guide you

Get a 3 AA battery holder , a 1k resistor some bits of wire and poke around applying + & - to different pins to see what lights up what. Make notes and then formulate a circuit and a sketch to suit what you find.

just use analogue multimeter that set to X1 ohm and test all the pin which pin will light up the led....