Mid range (slightly better than consumer grade) Imu's?

Currently trying to compare IMU's, and I was curious if anyone had any recommendations. I've used many IMU's on my Drone project and all of them have been successful and similarly performing (MPU, LSM...etc). I'm looking to upgrade the imu to try to establish some sort of dead reckoning control. I've looked at a lot of IMU's such as the BNO-055 the ISM ect, and these look great however they offer refresh rates of only around 100hz. I assume this because these breakout boards are absolutely oriented, filtered. Ideally, id like to read the IMU data above 250hz so that I can continue to have the control algorithm fast enough after filtering and "state" estimation.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Is it time to move away from breakout boards and actually learn how to use off-the-shelf chips?

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