MIDI and Device programming at the same time.

Hi, I wasnt sure what forum to put this in, so admin, sorry... I have downloaded the Moco for Lufa MIDI hex onto the mega16U2 on my mega2560. I want to however be able to put it into programming mode via usb cable, if I hold down certain buttons at start up. i have programmed AVR's in C before, so i am assuming I could just get both bits of code - the midi one, and the standard arduino hex for the mega16u2 and combine them together - when it starts up the first thing it does is see if certain keys are pressed. If they are run the serial code, otherwise run the midi code. Has anyone done this, as I think the 16U2 is big enough isnt it? Just would rather not have to use my avr isp programmer to program it everytime...


Hi, a.mlw.walker-san

I posted a new version of my MIDI firmware. Please check my web page at the following URL.