I am new to Arduino and came across it when searching for a solution for a project.

I play guitar and quite often when playing on stage have been blinded or strobed or blacked out making it impossible to see the fretboard. Not a big deal for most rhythm parts, but pain in the ass for complicated solos.
So, I have came up with an idea of incorporating a light with my amp so that when I switch the channel to solo, it turns on a spot light pointed at my guitar (and me of course :wink:
The guitar is connected to Marshall JMP-1 with MIDI connectors on the back.
The amp is controlled by MIDI footswitch with 4 buttons.

My band uses Obey4 to run the lightshow and I have tested the amp with it.
It works, but it interrupts the whole show calling Scene1 when button 1 pressed, Scene2 when button 2 pressed and so on.

I don't want to add another footswitch to do tap dance on stage, and the songs are fast and complicated. I get lost as it is with those four buttons. Don't want to modify the existing footswitch.

Would rather build or buy separate controller that I can connect to the MIDI in the amp.

If somebody can assemble one for me or point me into the right direction for parts and instruction - I will not play you a song :wink:
Once tested, I would need total of 3 of those (for me, the other guitar and for bass).

My band:


Sounds great to make sure you're always in the spotlight when playing a solo :slight_smile:

I would check what kind of message your midi pedal board/amp is sending when you push your 'solo' button, and also when you push your other buttons (assuming you'd like to turn the light off when done guitarsoloing). Theres 'midi monitor' for mac at least. Goolge it. This is to make sure you can get a genuine message to turn your light on and a genuine (different) one to turn it off.

Then you'd like to make something like this: http://theaudiostash.wordpress.com/2013/05/09/midi-input-for-arduino/ and attach a relay switch instead of the led light. On the relay you can attach a powersocket so that you can plug the lamp straight in to it, avoiding any DMX. That's my suggestion at least.

It might be a bit on the harder side to start with if you're completely new to Arduino, especially if you have no programming experience, but don't let that discourage you. It's a lot easier to learn if you have a project with a goal, like this. So make some research, go through some tutorials for the basics and see how far you get, then get back here with questions if you got them.

(also, I checked the Obey4 - it doesn't have a midi input.. how did you "test it" then?)

Good luck!

Ah, just realized you want to pay someone to make them for you. Ok...

Thanks for the pointers.
I will keep reading and researching it.
The relay could be a starting point, while going for DMX output will provide more possibilities.
I don't know much about programming, but can solder and do some electrical and mechanical work.
If I find the solution, I will post it.
It may take a while as I have sick eyes and reading or working with small details is really a pain.

Keep the suggestions coming.
Is there a way to connect Uno with MIDI Shield on one side and DMX shield on the other to get the desired effect?
I maybe oversimplifying it, but there are parts like that available. My guess is that it is just a matter of connecting them together and running the correct program.
Simple like Lego ;-)?
...and yes, if someone wants to build one for me, let me know the cost.

The Obey we're using is Obey40 not 4, and I think that would be the simplest solution, just a bit bulky.