MIDI and mp3 simultaneous playback. Possible?

Hi all,

First post to the forum for me. I'm very new to Arduino and electronics, been dabbling with coding for a few years, and mucking around with MIDI since I was a kid. My first project was to time my small Christmas lights set up to music which I got done this week using my Arduino Uno R3 starter kit, Solar LED strings, Hairless MIDI and Ableton Live... Really happy with it. The hardest part was figuring out how to handle the lights with alternating colours (switching between +ve and -ve) but solved that with an H-Bridge motor controller from my starter kit.

Happy to share my project with anyone, I just haven't figured out KiCad enough to draw the circuit properly yet.

The next step for me would be to take it all out to the yard next year and add more lights. For this I'd rather create a unit independent from Ableton and my computer... which brings me to my actual question.

The Actual Question
Is it possible to launch a MIDI clip and mp3 simultaneously using a music shield or some other method from within the Arduino board (i.e. not dependent on an external computer)? Open to all ideas and suggestions.

For MIDI I can say that you are able to do this with the MD_MIDIFile library GitHub - MajicDesigns/MD_MIDIFile: Standard MIDI Files (SMF) Processing Library using an SD card to store the MIDI files. The MIDI output can be played by a device like the VS1053 breakout board (I got mine from Sparkfun SparkFun MP3 and MIDI Breakout - VS1053 - BOB-09943 - SparkFun Electronics but it looks like this product is retired). This board's datasheet also says it can do MP3 but I have not tried this mode at all. Their current product (SparkFun Music Instrument Shield - DEV-10587 - SparkFun Electronics) seems restricted to MIDI only.

This article may also be a good place to start for alternatives that do both The VS1053 Module as an MP3 player | Sound Examples.