Midi Buzzer Project

Hello there,
i am new to Arduino, so i hope someone can help me out with my project.

The task is the following:
There are several Buzzers, just like these:


The LED stuff is not important for me, so please ignore that. :wink:

I hope to convert pressing the button to a MIDI note trigger. eg.: Someone presses the Button, a MIDI signal is delivered to my comupter / DAW, the signal goes in a virtual MIDI Device and trigger a note, it fires a sample or something else in my DAW.

May be i can get to this with an an Arduino? If so, which model can i use when i am using multiple buttons?

Thank you for reading my bad english. :wink:

greetings from Stuttgart


Willkommen. You're the second German poster in two days!

The link you posted was not a link to a buzzer, they were switches, but reading the rest of your post I think you intended to show us switches anyway?

Question: I am not familiar enough with MIDI control, so could you generate a MIDI tone on your computer just using your keyboard?

If the answer is yes, then you can also do it with an Arduino. An Arduino such as the Pro Micro (developed with Sparkfun) allows the Arduino to act as a keyboard when plugged into a USB port on your PC. I can give you more details but there's no point if you cannot generate the MIDI trigger using a standard PC keyboard.

If the answer is no, then I will have to leave it for others to reply.

A quick Google search for Arduino MIDI turned up this tutorial:

You can use any Arduino if you use a helper application running on your computer that converts serial into MIDI. A good one to use is called "Hairless".

If you want the Arduino to look like a USB MIDI device then you need the Leonardo or the Micro, those can be made to look like native MIDI devices.

The code is very much the same in most cases. This project uses reed switches and a swinging magnet to generate the MIDI but you can replace them with any sort of button or switch.