MIDI controllable EL-Wire/LEDs etc

Hello fellow nerds... my name is Jon. Among other things, I am a performing electronic musician, or "Live PA" artist... you can hear what I do here: Stream Dark Arps music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud and see it here: www.youtube.com/darkarps

Here's my project: A friend of mine is designing me a Mad-Max style gig costume, and I want to incorporate lighting into this costume... principally El-wire that pulses, flashes, strobes or whatever, in sympathetic time with my music. Really, what I want to do is send MIDI messages from my Ableton project and have them translate into different lighting effects so that my suit lights up at appropriate times and in appropriate ways to the music. Throbbing, pulsing, flashing, different colours and so on.

It would be great if I could add new lights or maybe some motors or something down the road (so some expandability is required) but at the moment I have a deadline for April 1 to get something done that looks good.

I am unfortunately not experienced at all with electronics. As in, I don't know what a relay is, and I don't understand resistance. I am willing to learn though! But I am having difficulty knowing where and how to start with this project, so if anyone out there can help me get started (principally helping me to understand what equipment I need to buy) I would MASSIVELY appreciate it!

Hope someone can help!

any help?

Well, your timeframe is pretty short. Here are some possible ideas:

MIDI Shield to receive MIDI messages on an Arduino:

RGB LED strips:

From here, you'll have to decide what you want, pick a suitable power source, etc. Plus, there will be a whole lot of coding :slight_smile: I don't have any pointers there.

The Arduino Drum Machine: MIDI development system with 14-track MIDI drum machine sequencer / groove-box software

Well I actually already went ahead and bought an:
Arduino Mega 2560 (probably overkill but perhaps I'll need expandability in the future)
MIDI Shield (as opposed to MIDI breakout)
El Escudo (assuming that this is required to "interface" with El-Wire through an Arduino)

I can see how to stack the shields on to the Arduino.... and I'm hoping it's possible to connect both shields to the Arduino simultaneously (I have the necessary bridges for that), connect a MIDI cable to the MIDI in on the MIDI shield, and control the different El outputs on the El Escudo. Then there's the issue of having an inverter for the El-Escudo - I'm assuming this needs to be connected to the Raw Voltage input on the El-Driver?

The coding I'll figure out... I just want to know if I've got the right equipment to get me started.