MIDI controlled AC/DC 110V 1.0A motor

Hey there.
I’m hoping someone might be able to give me advice on this project.
I’m trying to be able to control the frequency that a motor spins at based on the MIDI note, e.g. middle A on a keyboard spinning at 440 hz. I’ve gotten this to work with smaller 3v DC motors without a problem but this giant AC/DC 110V 1.0A motor seems to have different needs.

I’ve tried doing it with a Freetronics N Channel MOSFET module (www.freetronics.com/ndrive) but I haven’t been able to power it quite right. 60VDC is a tough power supply to find… I tried it with 24VDC, 1A and it barely spun at all, although responded to the simple fade test sketch I was running from the Arduino. If there is a power supply that I can buy for that application, that would probably be the easiest solution.

I’ve also tried this cheap AC/DC motor controller I found on eBay-
I ordered two in case one was defective. It could be a mistake I made, but low and behold, I got one smoking right away and had to reconsider how much I wanted to complete this project hah. The fuse didn’t trip but some component(s) must have been melting anyway. The potentiometer didn’t seem to control the motor at all and the PWM output from the Arduino also had no effect. (Could have been a problem with my sketch, of course or any other amount of things). One thing I noticed is that the PWM input accepts frequencies 1K-10KHZ which is far higher than what I believe any pins on the Arduino Uno R3 defaults to and I couldn’t quite make heads or tails out of the tutorials on PWM and changing the clock speeds to adjust the PWM frequencies.

Last, I managed to get my hands on the InMojo AC Dimmer controller,
got all excited and then when it didn’t seem to work at all, I reread some of the comments on their site and saw that it was only for resistive loads, not inductive loads and that my motor would require a snubber circuit.

I would be so grateful for any advice or help. Thanks!