MIDI Controlled Glockenspiel

MIDI controlled Glockenspiel I'm using an Arduino Diecimila board to receive MIDI signals and driving solenoids arranged to strike the bars on a child's toy Glockenspiel. Full details, schematic, code, photos and video are on :- http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/Projects.html

I used Garage Band with the plug in MidiO to drive it to play some Phillip Glass music. As it doesn't move very much while it plays I used some animated stills over the sound track.

There is also details on how to make your own Arduino shield from strip board.


Very nice! I enjoyed seeing your finished project. It has been on my list for a long time to build just such an instrument. Thanks for showing us how cool it can be.

Ahh, the gentle sound of the Glock ! Nice work Mike.

We made a similar type of thing with Milkbottles on an old works cart: http://www.backtothetrees.org/tonefloat

Just fabricating a juice blender-based instrument to add-on to it. Will post when sorted.


that's really cool! you can play cool songs by programing them through the chomp, chat's pretty cool