MIDI controlled motors - is it possible?

Hello community! I'm working on a project where I am trying to control the speed of a dc motor with a standard MIDI controller. I made a small MIDI input circuit and uploaded a sketch that works. The arduino recognizes the signal and everything seems cool. I'm realizing now that I need the motor shield to simplify controlling the current that the motor receives but it uses all of the pins on my arduino so I'm not sure if there is a way that these two circuits can co-exist on one arduino. Is there a way that I can use different pins to receive midi input? Right now its occupying the RX pin, ground, and PWM 13. I know that 13 is used inherently by the motor shield so would it be possible to somehow just change that in the MIDI input sketch to a different pin? I'm also wondering if the motor shield and its sketches will interfere with the MIDI input circuit/sketch in general. Would it be possible/make sense to use two separate arduinos somehow linked together or would that further complicate the situation? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Jen