Midi controlled RGB LEDs project - Commission request


I'm posting to this forum, not so much to get help on how to build a particular project, but to find someone who could build something for me... I know it goes slightly against the DIY ethic of Arduino projects, but i'm a very time-poor individual and i have 3 month to prepare taking my live set on the road... If i've posted this to the wrong section of the forum.. apologies.

I've explored achieving this using DMX, however DMX controlled par cans are too bulky (and too powerful) for my particular requirements (i need to transport this stuff around the world...). The requirements are the following:

  • I need the ability to control 12 LED lights (or 12 separate groups of LED lights...) via MIDI. I use ableton live, so this would probably be interfaced using Maxuino 009.
  • Leds will be used to light lantern style boxes. They need to be powerful enough to be seen as a light source on stage, but not so powerful as to be used as spotlights... (hope that makes sense).
  • I should be able to control the following characteristics of the lights: on/off, intensity and colour. I need to the ability to tightly sequence these to music. So a combination of note on/off messages and CC values should offer me the ability to control these aspects.
  • needs to be sturdy(-ish) to withstand being transported and set up multiple times etc...
  • I need someone to build this for me...

So, is this do-able? And would anyone be keen? I have some budget for this, so i'm in effect commissioning for this project to be made. If you're based in London or the south east of England that would be grand. But i'm sure we can work remotely...

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

All the best, Laurent www.littlepeoplemusic.com


This may be better suited in the "Gigs and Collaborations" section.

Best of luck.

Well arduno code wise ive could put that together from stuff ive already done. Ive got a midi controlled 16 channel PWM light prototype on the desk now and it works. Get in touch

I've sent you a PM.

hello! i'm looking for exactly the same thing. am trying to control a series of DMX lights via maxuino through ableton. any suggestions? thanks ^_^