MIDI Controller (4 x MCP3208 and 3 x HEF4021)

Hey guys,
So i've been Looking through almost every page on google about the MCP3208 and arduino and have yet to find a solution to my problems..

Im using a Teenys 2++ To control everything with.
That and im Almost new to arduino coding, I can understand some parts of it and understand some numbers and values.

But i think i might have started a bit above my head on this one :S .

BUT lets get to the problem, I cant get the teensy to 32 different inputs from the MCP's, I can get one running but thats it. I have absolutly no clue on how to get it to switch the SS pin to start letting signals from another mcp in :S ,

At the moment im just trying out different codes. One code for the mcp,s (Once i get them working i will attempt to get the hefs working, They seem a bit easier to get going) But i want to get rid of this problem so i can understand the SPI stuff a bit better :wink:

What i've been trying to use is an example in the MCP3208_SPI_Array library. I can change SS pins and that but it refuses to read from the other mcps.
The outputs from the teensy im trying to use as SS Pins are 38,39,40 and 41.

Could anybody please explain or show me how i would go about to get this working?