Midi Controller With I2C OLED Display

Hello good people of the Arduino world.

I have been doing some searching on the forum about how to be able to display midi note information on a I2C OLED display (or any display for that matter) and can't find anything.

What I'd like to do is make a midi controller with 12 buttons and a rotary knob so I can choose different scales and that information to be displayed on an LCD display.

So on line one you would have the scale you are currently in and on the second line you would have the current note being played eg:

Scale: Dorian

Note: D#

My coding skills are very noobish but I assume you would have to define all the notes and scales being used in order to have them displayed correctly on a display but I have little idea of how this might be done?

If someone could offer any help on how to go about this - maybe by just putting up some example code I think I could see what's going on in the sketch and be able to figure it out better in my head?