Midi Controller

So I got my sheet metal brake delivered the other day and i whipped up this box and made a midi controller to play bass notes while I'm playing guitar. It is going to be sweet to finally make enclosures for all my stuff.

I always wanted to get a brake, did you get a fancy finger one or just one of the basic type, i think you could do 95% of what you ever need for electronics with a basic one. i see yours does over 90 degree bends at least, what model is it?

I like the video game buttons, are they break/make switches? maybe you could do velocity with it.

yeah man its a suuuper basic (kinda ghetto) harbor freight onehttp://www.harborfreight.com/30-inch-bending-brake-41311.html but, its perfect for what i need to do, just bending up simple enclosures like this. Plus it was only 40 bucks plus shipping, cant beat that. I just got back in from making a smaller one for a fuzz pedal.

yeah the arcade buttons are just off/ then on when you step on it, velocity control would be pretty fancy. maybe a little overkill for what i'm using it for but would be fun!