MIDI Drum on Arduino Pro Micro

Hello folks. First time poster here. I am also super new to Arduino and electronics and coding in general. I have been working toward building a full MIDI drum. I have had success with this on Arduino Uno but I wish to make this again on an Arduino Pro Micro I recently purchased because I understand they can do USB to MIDI without the need for an ATMEGA8 or 16 to do that. I tried making just a USB MIDI breakout-board using an ATmega8 but I am having too much trouble with that so I figured the Pro Micro will work for now till I figure out how to make the Breakout Board for USB to MIDI (not part of my question but if anyone knows of how to do that and can point me in the right direction I would love you forever.). I have been playing around with the code for this and I would prefer not to start all over with the code and just use the code I made for the Uno and alter it if needed. From what I read through my research I should only really need to include MIDIUSB library. I tried that and the code compiled but the triggers are not doing anything at all. My question is can I just alter my current code easily to be used on a ProMicro (Leonardo) and if so how? If not do I need to just start all over on the code?

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