MIDI Drum Pads Algorithm for FSRs

Howdy y'all.

I wanted to make a wearable drum controller (wireless) so I knew I couldn't use piezos because moving around would false trigger them.

I took a year and a half writing an algorithm that would work with Force Sensing Resister (FSRs) by a company called Interlink. Same type of sensors used in Akai, Trigger Fingers, Ect.

You put the FSR in a voltage divider with a resister, say 10k OHM and measure the voltage on that resister.

You can make them wireless by using Xbees. To do this configure the xbee to a baud rate of 31250. To do this, you have to set it's baud rate in hexidecimal, which is a command like ATBD7A12

7A12 is 31250 in hexidecimal.

Here's the code:


This project is way cool.

I have another accelerometer algorithm that makes a kick drum sensor that's strapped to my ankle.

Code expired....

I reposted it here: