Midi enabled led strip light controller

Brand new to arduino, I want to build a box that receives midi commands , and changes to a specific color on and Led strip light for approx. 3 ft of LED strip lightight.... anyone do something like this that could provide me with guidance on the parts I would need?

Not a very clear specification. What sort of LED strip, addressable or none addressable?

Their is a problem with using a long addressable strip of the WS2812b type, as discussed here MIDI input - messages getting dropped/corrupted when multiple notes received - Audio - Arduino Forum

which ever would be easier to do .... I want to specify Green, Blue, and Red... one at a time, and to change between them only, when the amp channel is changed.

Do you want the whole strip the same colour or just selected LEDs?

I don't know what you mean by:-

when the amp channel is changed.

Also what will be sending the MIDI commands and what commands (of the hundreds available) will they be.

Receiving MIDI commands is fairly easy. Driving LED strips is not difficult. You can start your program by getting either one of them working.