Midi foot controller in your boots - an exploration

Hi. Brand new here. I need to accomplish ONE thing, one I believe not too difficult a project for a specific purpose. First the bigger picture. Next year I am heading out to go around the world on a motorcycle. Being a professional musician and video producer I plan to film plus play live music and record myself and others as I ride. I also want to turn my motorcycle into a musical instrument by having it generate midi data as I ride. I'm using Line 6 Helix native as my main guitar system, a VST plug- in that can be controlled via midi - and this is where the possible Arduino comes in. I would like to control a few aspects of the Helix software, patch changes, lead boost and maybe a few other things - using piezo triggers installed into an insole that I wear in my boots. The optimum way this would work is to have the wires for the piezo run up to a small Arduino based unit that straps onto my leg. This gets the trigger input done. Now the Arduino connects to the larger midi setup via wifi....and all this runs off of a battery. I need two of these, one for each foot and maybe 2 spares - and each has most likely 3 maybe 4 inputs. It sure would be cool to figure out how to add a volume control in this - but its secondary. The other thing is - with everything else I have to do to get ready - learning the Arduino may be beyond my time constraints - so are there folk here that one can pay to build and test this for me? Really, I simple need a midi signal to get to the computer via wifi.....But I have no idea how difficult, how long or how expensive this would be....So this is a preliminary exploration. Is this possible? Are there contractors willing to take this on? How long and how much? That's what I'm looking to find out...PS - it would be cool to use the boots for MORE than just guitar controls - as long as its sending midi I could use my feet as inputs while riding.....Thanks for reading.

Nice idea but I don’t think that piezo sensors are going to cut it here. They need a sudden impact to generate anything, it is the flexing of the material that generates the voltage not constant pressure. I am not at all convinced that anything short of walking will give you a signal.

There are pressure sensitive resistors you might try, but hey will be in what is called a hostile environment. What are you expecting this data to consist of and what effects do you want to generate? MIDI via Wi-Fi is a bit problematic what with it not being a real time media. The normal wireless MIDI is done by Bluetooth.

Also if you want some one to do something for you for payment then click on the flag icon under your post and ask the moderators to move it to the gigs and collaborations section where there are soldering irons for hire.

Thanks for the great response. The plan actually was to have piezo's located toe, ball and heel - and actually to have to tap to make them trigger. I'll be testing this soon using a drum brain and see if it is at all in the ball park. What I want to do is mostly simple - change patches - turn on or off an FX - adjust volume if possible. I will follow up immediately on asking the moderator to move it to the gigs and collaborations section...As a new person here, I have a lot to learn - so again thanks. Your reply is most appreciated.

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