midi ?: howto send higher-resolution pitchbend?

hey all 2nd midi controlling arduino under way, doing great however, had a pitchbend related question. is there any way i can tease a higher resolution pitchbend out of arduino? or is 0-127 (rather, -63 thru 64) all i can hope for?

i'm using franky's midi library.

This is usually done by sending 2 "7 bit bytes" and then the receiving device will know how to decode them into a single 14 bit value. So you would have split the 14 bit value into two 7 bit parts and send them in two bytes both with the high bit =0

read this:


To see how it can be done. The linked article is for something compleatly different and for Basic stamp, but he does use the same technique as used for MIDI and the code should be easy to port to Arduino C.

thanks for your help, mikmo. read this and i grasp it ok, need to experiment, but i worry that it won't be compatible with franky's midi library (at least not with...

void MIDI_Class::sendPitchBend        (        int          PitchValue,
            byte        Channel       

more reading will do. i'll try to find if someone else posted how they did it (or something similar) in arduino as well.

really looks like i spoke too soon. it appears that this midi library supports the higher resolution stuff i'm looking for. i assumed it wouldn't for some reason (used to it).

so, apologies, franky