Midi Hub with Nano

I’m wanting to use a nano to make a midi hub for my studio but I’m wondering if that’s possible. What I would like to is have an in/out from my sequencer with 4 in/outs for my gear. The idea would be to have the out from my sequencer broadcast to the outs going to my gear but have the sequencer receive all messages coming from my gear. This way I can sequence the gear but also be able to record midi messages from individual devices without having toggle ports/channels etc. for each device sending to my sequencer.
I was thinking I could accomplish this using the digital gpio pins but I’m starting to get the idea that the rx and tx serial pins are the only thing suited for this on the board and so the nano really could only handle one set of in/out ports.
Am I asking too much of my nano or is there a way to do this? Maybe with PWM on the gpios or some external chips?

No, the Arduino Nano has only one hardware UART, you need one for each MIDI in/out pair.

The Arduino MEGA has more UARTs, and so do the Teensy 3.5 & 3.6 boards. The Teensies are quite nice, because they also support MIDI over USB (16 cables).


Blast! Well I guess I'll just build a synth out of this one. Thanks for your help!