Midi IN from an external device

I want to control some LEDs with MIDI input from an electronic drum kit. I have the control of the LEDs figured out (other than some programming issues) working. But I'm trying to get MIDI input working. I've installed the MIDI library from the arduino playground, and I'm running the MIDI input example, with an addition of some serial debugging. Right now I am just trying to get any input to be received, and light up the status LED. For hardware, I'm using an Ardweeny, basically an ATmega328p with a programming backpack and led. I've followed this schematic: http://m.bareille.free.fr/midithrubox/midithrubox.htm Using a 6N138, and a 74HC14 schmitt trigger. I've tried bypassing the schmitt trigger, and that doesnt work either. I've got the input going into D0, tho I've also tried D1. Here is a picture of my breadboard:

I'm using a Yamaha DD-65 drumpad as a MIDI source, which according to the manual, should be outputting midi all the time. The only other midi equipment I have is my full electronic drum kit which I could move near my testing equipment if you think that might be a possible failure point. I've been trying different things for a few days now, checking and double checking the connections, I have no idea whats wrong.

I've followed this schematic:

Make sure you have the input connector the right way round, that is you know if you are looking from the front or the back of the socket. However where are you taking the output to? That LED will get in the way. Look at my schematics:- http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/MIDI_Footsteps.html http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/MIDI_Shield.html

D0 and D1 are used for the FTDI interface to your computer. You might want to try a higher-numbered digital pin.

MIDI uses the serial ports so you can't use any higher numbered pins unless you change the code and use software serial.

I am only hooking up to D0. All I need the arduino to do is to accept input and react. Doesnt need to output anything.

I may have had the midi connector hooked up backwards, but I've reversed it and ran a few tests this morning quickly, and didnt see any results. I'll try again soon.

The other thing from your photo is the ground connection on the MIDI socket. You don't need one. It is a common mistake to include it but it is not in the spec and can cause trouble.

Yeah I realized the ground connection and its not connected.

I've had the FTDI board plugged in as its also the power source, but I've isolated it by using jumper wires to transfer just the power to my breadboard, and I'm still not getting any input. I even changed the example midi code to

if (MIDI.read()) {                    // Is there a MIDI message incoming ?

so that it blinks if it recieves anything at all.

I've also been trying the code from this thread: http://www.arduino.cc/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1187962258/ I can seem to get it respond (with simpler debug code) when I send data thru the serial monitor. But not from my external device. So I'm convinced there's something wrong with my circuit. And best i can tell, my circuit is hooked up correctly. Could my optocoupler be bad? How would I test? I've tried a few things but I dont know what I'm doing, or what expected results should be.

How would I test?

Take an LED and 1K resistor and see if you are getting any signal of the input of the arduino.