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Hy! I'm an Art Student from Portugal and I out of curiosity I bought one Arduino and started playing with it. My initial idea was to have it interfacing with midi (because of the program Resolume), but I when I read it wasn't possible to interface arduino with a computer via MIDI because of the serial to USB conversion I nearly gave it up.

Now that my Arduino arrived, after having read a lot using my good old friend Mr. Google and on this forum, I started "trying-to-code"TM (as I don't have a background in programing anything other than actionscript2 :-X) I could be yapping here all night, but I found it better to start a blog describing my hits (and many many misses). Here it is: http://artduino.blogspot.com I'll try and keep this post up-to-date with progress from my project

PS- English is not even my second language- thank God for spell check!! but someone still has to make one that corrects grammatical errors ;D - so pardon me for murdering the English language :-[

i may have miss read your post, but you can output midi quite easily from arduino with an optocoupler, a few resistors and a din socket, try googling it, but there are many tutorials on this which dont use the usb connector, here's one to start you off. http://itp.nyu.edu/physcomp/Labs/MIDIOutput

the other option is to write a small program in processing.org or max/msp to convert signals from arduino into midi and send to resolume, this would allow the use of the usb cable without having to build the optocoupler circuit.

good luck!

hy vidiotsquad. Thanks for the input. I had spent some time at that site already. It was the base of my project. On that site arduino is controlling a midi input for a midi controller and I want to control a program using only arduino and the usb cable.

And after a while I managed to do so. Ugly ugly very ugly code, but managed to do it :)

That's very cool and I hope to hear more. Can you perhaps synopsize the method you used? avr-usb lib, perhaps?


Com esse nome nao me enganas....vi logo de onde serias...

MIDI nao posso ajudar, pelo menos com arduido, com PIC em basic ja é outro assunto... sou novo no arduido (so xega amanha o hardware....)

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