Midi Keyboard Artwork

I've been helping a friend with her media arts artwork this year. The idea was that each musical note could be associated with a colour. For her artwork, she hung 48 lanterns around a room and had a midi keyboard on display. As you started to play the keyboard, each light (4 light per note) would light up. There were 3 ultra bright LED's and a resistor wrapped in different shades of cellophane to produce the different colours. Playing different combinations of notes would allow different light combinations, the harder you hit the notes, the brighter the colours. The colours would fade with the sound.

You can see a blog post about it here: http://www.scottyob.com/?p=4

Looks great, you got a video anywhere? :wink:


Unfortunantly not :(. Like I said in my blog post, the videos didn't really turn out. Having the room pitch black except for when a note was played kind of confused the camera I think. If we ever get to exhibit it at a gallery I'll be sure to get some footage then.. Ps if anyone knows of a curator who's interested in the Sydney area pleease let us know ;)

Unfortunantly not Sad. Like I said in my blog post, the videos didn't really turn out.

Oh sorry, I must have missed that bit, I was too busy looking for the videos! :D