Midi Library + Hairless Midi <-> Serial bridge

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

i´ve built an Arduino Mega based Midi Controller…
Midi Output from Arduino works so far! :slight_smile:

I´m using the Arduino Midi Library and the Hairless Midi Serial bridge so that i just need to Plug the USB.

I´m working with the Baudrate 115200 and as said above, midi Input (Arduino → Traktor) works flawless.
So now i want some MIDI Visualisation on my controller (light up some LED´s for example)
and i just cant get it working.

For troubleshooting i tried it with the simple Midi Input Example sketch. I modified it a little :


#include <MIDI.h>

void HandleNoteOn(byte channel, byte pitch, byte velocity) { 



void setup() {



void loop() {



As said in the Hairless MIDI FAQ i added the Serial.begin(115200); before the MIDI Begin.

When i send a Note on (or anything else) from Traktor, i see the RX Led flashing.

But nothing happens…

Does anybody know,if the Serial - Midi Converter isnt capable to convert the MIDI from Traktor into an Arduino MIDI Library compatible format?

Thanks for the help!

Have a good day!

I've the exact same problem! How do you solve it?

I have built the same.. a Midi controller to traktor... using hairless (easyest to use other than change arduino firmware)
my problem is that when I send midi to arduino.... works for a few minuts... and than everything goes crazy...

I have the exact same problem... Hairless MIDI/Serial bridge successfully transfers serial data to Arduino (RX LED blinks), but Arduino doesn't process the data.

Has anyone successfully used the MIDI library with the Hairless MIDI/Serial Bridge?

Has anyone successfully used the MIDI library with the Hairless MIDI/Serial Bridge?

Yes I have.

Yes I have.

Is there some trick beyond adding “Serial.begin(115200);” after the “MIDI.begin();” command, and matching the baud rate in Hairless MIDI/Serial? I’m using essentially the same code as in the first post, but the Arduino doesn’t seem to want to process the data it gets from the serial buffer.

No trick, just do it. Are you using the library correctly? Does the RX LED flash?
That code at the start will do nothing because pin 13 has not been set as an output.