Hello everyone.

I'm really really new on this site and on arduino things. I just buy arduino uno, and i'd like to create a Midi Master Clock in order to use two (ore more) mac with different softwares and the same BPM time.

I've just searched in "search" section but for a new one it is really difficult to orientate myself. Many piece of sketch appears but nothing explained step by step.

Any suggest/tutorial will be appreciate!

Thanx a lot.


(Hope to be in the good thread one)

Many piece of sketch appears but nothing explained step by step.

Well that is because this is not a cut and paste project copy shop, although some people treat it like it was. This is a forum for learning about the arduino and how to use it. My advice is to learn about MIDI and the arduino and you will find what you want to do is almost trivial.

Ok, i know that's not a copy/paste shop.

I thought if i want to learn arduino the best thing is to begin with something i need.

For other project i can find step by step explanation...

For me can be useful even a suggest, something put me in the right way.

Yes sure. This project of mine:- http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Hardware/Pendulum.html Basically outputs MIDI notes in response to switches being closed. It is a simple matter to change the MIDI message it sends to the clock messages. Best of luck.

I will try to extract information from your project. Although at a glance it seems to me off-piste ... maybe just because I do not know well yet arduino. thank you very much

are you sure you've not misunderstood what i mean with "Clock"? I've just seen your video.

What i need is a costant midi signal (like metronome). You know, when you use different software in rewire you have a master and a slave. The master give the time BPM (i.e. 120 BPM) and the slave (i.e. a drum machine) plays at 120 BPM too. If you change the master in 125BPM also the slave changes.

I have found this one:


(only Midi clock generator)

but this forum is dismiss...

are you sure you've not misunderstood what i mean with "Clock"?

I am sure. That project is meant to show you how to generate a MIDI output both in hardwarevand software. You have to change it to send the clock messages you want to send at the interval you want to send them at. It's part of the learning process.

I was looking at your project “pendulum” but I have understand that I have not a sufficient basis. Maybe I need to start from a moment before.

At now i’m studing your:


Than i will say something to you. Thx