MIDI mid-interfacing

Hello, hope everyone's doing well!

I [will] have esp32 catching wireless info and sending hardware MIDI through RX2/TX2. RX2 is to catch info from a keyboard and pass it through, a "direct thru" connection might corrupt set of MIDI messages generated on board. I [think that I] can handle all of that, but

I also want to send generated MIDI to PC, and esp32 doesn't have native USB, so I want to connect Pro Micro (5V, can add level converters, no big deal). So... can I just connect TX of esp32 to RX of Pro Micro without going through optocoupler and such? The plan is to catch data with MIDI library and send it with USB MIDI library. Syntaxis-wise that seems doable, but that optocoupler throws me off - does it invert the signal? If it does - I will confuse the MIDI part of things and I have to invert it first, right? With opto, probably

EDIT: I swear I saw some kind of mid-layer interfacing software for Win10 that cathes things from serial and routs it to midi so DAW can handle it, but I can't find it
EDIT2: found it, it is called hairless. Still need input on that pro micro - esp32 talking thing

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