MIDI note player not playing notes

Hello everyone , I just started using the arduino duemilanove and i have a problem with the midi example sketch the midi note player , I think i have the hardware correct for the midi port, because my m-audio midi to usb is receiving the data ( garbage from arduino good from any of my midi devices.) and goes into my host hermann's VSThost, with a vst called MIDI monitor. the midi monitor shows crazy things instead of playing notes, and i have to assume since my midi piano shoes perfect note on and note off messages when i unplug the arduino and use the same midi cable that the arduino is messing up the midi example ?

I'm kinda going crazy because it seems like the sketch should work as is right off the web page. but I get control change and system ex messages instead of good note on note off.
the crazy thing is , i am seeing the data in the serial monitor look good if i change it out of midi baudrate to something the monitor can use. but then on the output of the midi on the tx pin is not sending note on at all.

so I am wondering can anyone explain how this is happening. or some ways i can fix, because I really want to use the arduino as a midi controller like a midi file sequencer, for an art installation.
but i kinda cant figure out the baby step of, play a note that a midi device can understand and use. and then play another...

but I am completely lost....

Wow, good puzzle.
Can you share the circuit and sketch?

My guess is that the circuit is not 100% compatible so you're getting inconsistent signal. I successfully use my Arduino to play "notes" on my MIDI synthesizer using this circuit. There are links to MIDI resources that I found useful on that post as well.

ok so this problem is going to be a tough nut to crack,
the sketch and circut are the example midi sketch from the playground

after a while of banging my head against a wall, I tried every variation I could think of.
so far, using a 1/4w 220 r and 1/2 220 resistors are different enough to make a change, but the problem seems to be something wrong with the uploading of the sketch itself, after uploading the same sketch 6 times it worked for a little while without changing the code at all.
then using the 1/2w r instead has made it work almost flawlessly, the only hitch is it still takes a few times to upload in general.

from a basic test I deduced that the hex inversion screwed up

I have no idea why, from what I saw it was only fixed by uploading blink sketch then midi sketch.

once the code got up there it works, but make a single change and I had to cycle uploading till the hex looked good.

I would check how much free memory you have. It sounds suspiciously like you are very near running out, if you aren't over the line.

Search the forum for "free memory".