MIDI out stopped working, weird

I made some things with midi in and out and it worked. Now I want to make thing to send midi. But my MIDI out do not want to work. I used this http://www.captaincredible.com/abc/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/MIDI-IN-arduinoboy.jpg schematic (without 100K), it worked earlier.

And this simple sketch.

#include <MIDI.h>
void setup()
void loop()

Also TX pin blinking when I upload sketch, but when I power on and off arduino TX not blinking, like there is no sketch in it (blink led working after power on, power off).

Omg I messed midi out with midi in schematics. uber stupid, sorry

Is it possible that I broke RX pin when send midi to it? Now midi in not working, trying to fix it several hours. It seems that it recieve something, but like noise. This is what midi ox writes when I press notes on midi keyboard. "Note off messages" is just right -- generated by arduino. Other is some kind of noise I recieving with RX pin instead of normal midi messages.

upd: I checked for a board one more time and it seems all ok. Except strange thing, I`ve got a very short beep when touching plus rail and ground, is it ok? And sometimes I have a small hum in a speakers when I checked connections on breadboard with multimeter, that is strange as arduino disconnected from computer, and midi to arduino was on a switched off midi keyboard.

Ok. Something wrong with breadboard + and - rail. Now it works. Thanks

I have another weird problem. I have got Novation Bass Station II. And there is a very strange thing with MIDI OUT. BSII MIDI OUT>MIDI PC INTERFACE works. BSII MIDI OUT> any synth MIDI THRU>ARDUINO MIDI IN works. But BSII MIDI OUT>ARDUINO MIDI IN not working.

I can not figure out what happens, as basically BSII Midi Out and Arduino Midi In works, but not when connecting them straight together.