MIDI over USB, into Arduino, not using built in USB port.

Hi all, quick feasibility question - I'm putting some old audio equipment together, and I was wanting to control an old tape machine via Midi Machine Control from a computer.

Basically I want to plug the two data pins from a USB connector into two pins from an arduino, and somehow have it understand MMC - is this possible?


I'm not sure what exactly "MMC" here means, at the computer end. USB connectors look all the same, but the drivers usually work only with specific USB devices and protocols at the other end. You may need an dedicated USB-MIDI stick or adapter, recognizable by the driver, before the computer software can send MIDI data to that device.

I'd think that you are better of with an ready made MIDI adapter instead of an Arduino, unless you are very familiar with the implementation of various USB devices, and use an Arduino (Leonardo...) that allows to configure its USB port as a MIDI device.

You cannot connect a USB directly to an Arduino. USB works ate 400MHz or so and an Arduino works at 16 MHz.

You can get USB-SerialTTL adapters (aka an FTDI Cable) which allows an Arduino to communicate with a USB port on a PC. But I have no idea whether that would be suitable or relevant for your project.