Midi Serial, Pin Selection

Hey there, I was hoping to get some help.

When using the Midi.begin() it automatically reads from Rx 0 on the arduino board,

But this means I can't receive serial data on my computer via usb. I checked the the library but no help.

The Arduino-Midi site says that you can "Use any serial port, hardware or software." But how do you go about using a different uart?


Have a look at the MIDI_Bench example which comes with the library to see how to use SoftwareSerial with the library which leaves hardware serial free for other purposes.

SoftwareSerial midiSerial(2,3);
MIDI_CREATE_INSTANCE(SoftwareSerial, midiSerial, softMidi);

Thanks a lot! I seemed to have missed that entirely!

But it works a treat!


Can you explain a little bir more please? I am trying to change midi input pin.