midi to the device, output a wire per note

talking the device. looking for exemple of work that looks like it ,
or somebody to do it.

taking a midi file and outputing a current in the right place,
note start, current start , note end current end ,
the midi files has to be able to be sent just before it is played or earlier. from a device no matter wich one.

thought sending usb.
and using two
mega 2560
because ineed 100 out


Here is a project that does what you want but in addition it drives solenoids to play notes:


You can get the MIDI part of the schematic and the software there.

You can use a regular Arduino UNO and 13 8-bit shift registers to drive the 100 output pins. The MIDI range is actually 128 notes so you could use 16 shift registers to get all 128 notes.