MIDI wireless transmitter / receiver

Hello guys,
Log time no see (as i was working a lot on some analog projects :slight_smile: ). Had an idea and i would like to share it with you (not an original one but ... i would be a nice addition to any musician around here).

I would like to try to design a system that would send MIDI messages wireless (more like a wireless bridge). So this shouldn't be much of a problem as MIDI data is serial data.

I will explain my idea and my solution and if you have any comments for improving this, please share.

The solution should have 2 end points (a receiver and a transmitter). I will use arduino mini pro for this and 2 nrf24l01 modules. That is it ... every byte that i receive on the serial interface i will send it to the wireless module, then receive it on the other end and send it to serial interface of the 2nd arduino.

Do you see any problems that would arise form this configuration? In 2 days i will finish the software for the rcv. and trans. and post it here and give it a go.

Best regards,
Gabriel Tudoran
Analog Sound

Hi there, I am very keen to know how you have got on with this one as i need this facility badly. My project is a large flaming pipe organ or pyrophone that is midi controlled. The scale of the machine is such that wireless midi would be a HUGE advantage. In recent weeks i have been researching the use of the nrf transceivers but have taken the plunge as yet. Any help with code and schematics would be greatly appreciated.