Mifare RDM880 RFID reader/writer issues with detecting RFID-tags

Hi guys,

I'm building a board game for a school project, using RFID tags to identify each pawn. And I kind of need some help...

For the past few days I've been struggling to get this new RFID-module working properly. The thing is, I've found some code that manages to send commands to the reader, using the SoftwareSerial library, but it only sends a command when I press enter. I had a separate thread to address that issue, however I wasn't able to fix it. I was able to send commands continuously, but I have no idea how to filter the data in the serial output. So I'm fine with pressing enter, however I wish to link this to a button or something. Right now I have to open up the serial monitor and press enter in order to read the data. Is there another way? Could I send the same command using Serial.print or something? I have tried several commands, to no avail.

I used to have the Mifare RC522 reader, which had a shorter range but was able to print the RFID-serial whenever it was in front of the reader. I did use a library written specifically for that module, and sadly I can't find any for the RDM880.

So, what I'm trying to understand is how to send a command to read the tag, using Arduino code instead of pressing enter manually. Also, if any if you reading this has some real understanding of the protocols involved, I would really like to learn more about those. I did find some .PDF files involving the RFID protocols, but it's all Chinese to me.

Here's some of the info I found on the protocols and stuff: http://neophob.com/files/rfid/PROTOCOL-821-880%20_2_.pdf http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/index.php?title=13.56Mhz_RFID_module_-_IOS/IEC_14443_type_a

Where is your code?